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About Us

Saka Joint Stock Company also call Saka Precision & Die Casting Company.  Our website is  We are a company specializing in precision or lost wax or investment casting & pressure die casting technology.  Our office is located at 154 Nguyen Truong To Street, Tan Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City (HCM City).  We are equipped fully with the most up-to-dated and modern casting facility, including casting and product quality control inspection equipment, Model 2017.  Our casting facility is located in Hai-Son Industrial Zone, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, an urban, but rapidly growing area, where it is conveniently about 45 km from HCM city, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, and 50 km from Cat-Lai deep-water shipping port.

Typically, our casting service is highly specialized and organized scientifically into the form of continuous line production for precise quality control.  We are fast and but producing with high quality and client-required specifications.  After die set is prepared, either coming from us or from client; our casting process takes place and parts are finished within 21 to 27 days with complete material and surface quality per client and industrial standard requirements.

Although, market is highly dynamic, we try to control our production error as low as possible to reduce costs so we can offer to our client as low as and stable as the price as possible.  Our price provided to the client is based on our truth services with the least cost production, while yield and quality are always paid with the highest attention and  achievement target.  As a result, our products are always graded by customers with the highest degree of satisfaction, while they are always offered at the lowest price as possible. In addition, our product prices provided to client is actual our service costs, thus are standardized, kept stable, fair, and highly competitive, in the form of product unit weight cost and is presented in the unit of USD or vnđ/kg finishing product.  The price is normally affected minor by product shape complexity, but not dimensions.  Major effect occurs in the case of product having body weight less than 1 kg. It is due to more amount of labor has to be used during casting preparation.  Specially, product pricing is not effected by product material selection.  Thus, when a quote is conducted, quoted price is provided to the client is based on actually casting prices on the product, which include casting costs and business profit, but not included the price is due to product-specified materials. Therefore, as a standard procedure, our quote prices provide to our client are our casting process, but product material prices are not included. Unit price quote is based on USD or vnd/kg product.  However, per client request, casting prices can be quoted, which include casting price and product material.  Quote price on material is a separating part and based on actually current market prices, which are driven by the market. In addition, we would to aware client that the product material prices also include  delivery fees.  We do NOT add profit to these product material prices.


Phone (international): +84 822681666 Skype:  sakajsc     Email: [email protected]